Steering Committee

SD BRIN Steering Committee oversees the program and the progress toward program goals. Members of the Steering Committee include a scientific liaison and an administrator from each of the participating institutions and several representatives from the cores plus a liaison from South Dakota State University. Activities among the institutions are discussed as information is shared and network-wide activities are planned by the Steering Committee. The steering committee meets monthly by zoom.

Steering Committee Meeting MinutesĀ (PDF format)

Committee Members

  • Dr. Cynthia Anderson, SD BRIN Programs Coordinator, Research Faculty, BHSU
  • Dr. Victor Huber, Director, SD BRIN/Associate Professor-Basic Biomedical Sciences, USD
  • Dr. Mark Larson, Associate Professor, AU
  • Carol Lushbough, Bioinformatics Core Co-Director. & Asst. Prof. of Biomedical Engineering, USD
  • Dr. George Mwangi, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, USF
  • Dr. Paula Mazzer, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, DWU
  • Shelie Vacek, Health Science Librarian, USD
  • Dr. Joseph Roidt, Provost, DWU
  • Karla Witt, OLC
  • Dr. Chun Wu, Associate Professor of Chemistry, MMU
  • Dr. Alan Young, Associate Professor, SDSU
  • Dr. Cecelia Miles, Associate Professor-Developmental Biology
  • Ale Higa, OLC
  • Scott Morgan, Director of Institutional Research and Programs, SWC
  • Ryan Johnson, Director of Research Computing, USD
  • Dr. Charles Lamb, Professor-Biology/Chief Research Officer, BHSU
  • Dr. Daniel Engebretson, Vice President of Research and Sponsored Programs/Chair of Biomedical Engineering
  • Dr. Kathy Magorian, Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences, MMU
  • Dr. Adam Hoppe, Professor, SDSU
  • Dr. Etienne Gnimpieba, Assistant Professor, USD