Michael Chaussee, Ph.D.

 (605) 658-6380




  • Postdoctorate, Microbiology, Rocky Mountain Laboratories, NIAID, NIH, Hamilton, Mont.
  • Ph.D., Microbiology, University of Oklahoma
  • B.S., Microbiology, University of Minnesota


  • Associate Professor, Basic Biomedical Sciences
  • USD Sanford School of Medicine

Current Research: 

Streptococcus pyogenes is responsible for a variety of human diseases ranging in severity from uncomplicated pharyngitis or "strep throat" to life-threatening invasive diseases such as necrotizing fasciitis and toxic shock syndrome. Although the molecular mechanisms responsible for severe outcomes of infection are complex, S. pyogenes secretes many proteins to the extracellular environment that contribute to virulence. Dr. Chaussee's laboratory uses a variety of genetic approaches, including functional genomics, to study the function of streptococcal exoproteins and their role in pathogenesis.