Craig Triplett, D.P.T.


  • D.P.T., Physical Therapy, University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD
  • B.S., Wellness Management, Black Hills State University, Spearfish, SD



  • Assistant Professor, Exercise Science
  • Black Hills State University

Current Research:

The proposed research project will attempt to identify the most effective mode of training to improve lumbar proprioception which will assist in our understanding of ways to prevent or reduce low back pain.  Proprioception is the ability for a person to identify positions and movements of their body, even without looking at them.  The proprioceptive systems consists of receptors throughout the body that provide feedback regarding movement, position, and balance.  While research demonstrates how exercise can improve quality of life, achieving compliance with an exercise program can be difficult.  Healthcare providers are constantly in search for tools that will motivate an individual to participate in active strategies while also keeping the cost of healthcare within budget.  New technology may be the solution to this dilemma and research in this area can help health practitioners implement these tools with confidence.  Finding effective treatment strategies can hopefully reduce personal healthcare costs for Americans.  Through successful research and implementation of effective treatment strategies, individuals suffering from LBP can limit the amount of time they miss at work while also improving their quality of life.