Paula Mazzer, Ph.D.

 (605) 995-2899



  • Ph.D., Chemistry, Kent State University, Kent, OH
  • B.A., Biology, University of Delaware, Newark, DE


  • Assistant Professor, Biochemistry
  • Dakota Wesleyan University

Current Research:

We propose a study to examine how various urban-industrial air particulates affect brain cells in culture. Specifically, we will investigate the hypothesis that the polar organic fraction of urban particulate matter causes oxidative stress to neural cells. Our preliminary characterization of air particulates, using ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry, indicates that a primary chemical difference between urban and rural pollution is this highly toxic polar aromatic fraction in aged diesel material. Additionally, we will be including development of lipid profiling assays to our study of the oxidative stress of neural cells, adding both to our knowledge of changes in lipid expression during oxidative stress, and perhaps additionally clarifying the biological response of the cells to particulate matter (PM) exposure. The specific aims of this project are:

  • 1. Establish biological response of murine glial cells in culture treated with particulates and leachates.
  • 2. Establish baseline lipidomic data in murine glial cells.
  • 3. Establish lipidomic profiles associated with treatments in aim 1.