David Bergmann, Ph.D.

 (605) 642-6465



  • Ph.D., Entomology, North Dakota State University
  • Ph.D., Biochemistry, University of Minnesota
  • M.A., Biological Sciences, University of Missouri-Columbia
  • B.A., Hamline University, St. Paul, Minn.


  • Professor, Biology
  • Black Hills State University

Current Research:

My research interests have focused on three areas: hydroxylamine oxidation by bacteria, microbial succession, and microbial communities associated with fish. Hydroxylamine is an intermediate produced during the oxidation of ammonia to nitrite, a major process in the global nitrogen cycle. Several bacterial enzymes are known to oxidize hydroxylamine, including hydroxylamine oxidoreductase (HAO) and cytochrome P460. I am interested in the expression, processing, and evolution of both enzymes. I have conducted research projects on the development of epilithic microbial mats in Spearfish Creek and am interested in the microbial decomposition of pine needles.

I have also examined bacterial colonization of the eggs of salmonid fishes and plan to start studies on the use of probiotics in fishes, and assisted projects to characterize the microbial communities in the former Homestake mine in Lead, S.D.