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The scientific program at the 2017 Central Regional IDeA Meeting will consist of both invited oral presentations and poster presentations.  All presenters may submit their abstracts by completing the next 4 steps:

(1) Create an account on the submission management system (click here to start)

(2) Login on the platform. From (1) You'll recieve a verification email to confirm your email adress. Follow the link received and login using your credentials.

(3) Fill the abstract Submission Form below and load your abstract following the author's directions below.

(4) Make your payment


The deadline for submission of abstract is April 24, 2017.  Please limit abstract to 3000 characters or less.


Abstract Submission Deadline: April 24, 2017, at noon.



Instructions to Author(s)



Guidelines and Rules for Submission

1.  All researchers may submit his/her abstract for presentation at the 2017 Central Regional IDeA Meeting.

2.  Cut and paste the body of your abstract from a Word doc or text file into the Abstract Body area of the form. Be sure to save your abstract.  You will be able to proofread your complete abstract before submitting it as final.  The abstract title, authors, affiliations, and body of the abstract should not exceed 3000 characters excluding spaces and must contain at least 100 characters.  You will not be permitted to proceed if you do not meet the character guidelines.

3. The format for the abstract is as follows:
    a.  Title: The title should be brief, clearly indicating the nature of the presentation.
    b.  Authors: Include all authors' first name, middle initial, and last name. The presenting author's name should be listed first and underlined.
    c.  Include all authors' department and university affiliations.
    d.  Abstract (not more than 3000 characters): Include introduction/background, methods, results, and conclusion/s.

4. All presenters must register to attend the 2017 Central Regional IDeA Meeting.

5. Deadline: Submit your abstract by noon on April 24, 2017.








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