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Have questions about authorship and undergraduates? Click here to read "To co-author or not to co-author: how to write, publish and negotiate issues of authorship with undergraduate students," by Romi L. Burks and Matthew M. Chumchal, published in Science Signaling.

Citation and Logos

Please use the following logos on your research posters.

The two SD BRIN logos are optimized for Web use. They may appear grainy if you right-click and download from this page. Click on these logos to be taken to the 300 dpi versions, then download (right click, Save-as...). The logos are large, but you can downsize them after importing them into your poster making software, such as PowerPoint or Adobe InDesign. Contact me if you have any questions, need help or require something different.

The logo below is sized as-is. Right click and save from this page:

Please remember to also cite SD BRIN for any research we sponsor. If you have any questions about citations, please consult your mentor or contact us.


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