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Ten Commandments of the Lab

Click Here for a few rules to follow when working in the lab. Courtesy of the Larson Lab at Augustana University.


Please take the time to complete all of the following training modules. You must complete this training before you begin working in your assigned labs. Your particular institution may also have training that you must complete - check with your mentor.

  1. UGF Introduction & Training Overview 10:58
  2. Responsible Conduct of Research (Ethics) 11:33
  3. Responsible Conduct of Research: 10 Scenarios (download to use)
  4. Animal Subjects 04:29
  5. Human Subjects 16:51
  6. Safety 11:29
  7. Research Resources (Library Resources) 3:54
  8. Bioinformatics:
  9. USD Graduate Programs 4:08