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The SD BRIN Genomics Core Facility provides support to faculty members who wish to apply genomic technologies to their individual research projects. This support ranges from teaching novice molecular biologists how to extract RNA from tissue samples to running and analyzing DNA microarray experiments. The genomics core supports the DNA microarray technology, RNA extraction, real time RT-PCR, the Agilent Bioanalyzer and the Amaxa nucleofection system.


Tartalom megjelenítő Tartalom megjelenítő

Webtartalom-megjelenítő Webtartalom-megjelenítő

Kathleen M. Eyster, Ph.D., Director

Professor, Sanford School of Medicine

University of South Dakota


Phone: (605) 658-6320

Email: kathleen.eyster@usd.edu

Webtartalom-megjelenítő Webtartalom-megjelenítő