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Craig Triplett, D.P.T


  • Assistant Professor, Exercise Science
  • Black Hill State University


  • D.P.T, Physical Therapy, University of South Dakota, SD
  • B.S., Wellness Management, Black Hills State University, SD

Current Research:

The proposed research project will examine the effectiveness of an augmented musculoskeletal feedback system versus traditional core stabilization training by measuring electromyography (EMG) activity of the transversus abdominis and lumbar multifidus following an 8-week training program. This research topic corresponds to the South Dakota BRIN area of focus: "Physiological (including cellular) and developmental responses to stimuli." EMG activity is a biomedical signal that detects electrical activity of muscles during contraction. The EMG activity represents neuromuscular activation of motor units near the EMG electrode. Assessing EMG amplitude gives researchers a glimpse into the amount of tension that a muscle can generate. Strength training can lead to an increase in force and tension that is generated in a muscle during contraction. Strength training elicits both neurological and functional adaptations within skeletal muscles, leading to increases in EMG activity. If augmented musculoskeletal feedback systems are found to be effective, this could not only change the way that physical therapists practice in the state of South Dakota, but could improve care to individuals who have difficulty accessing healthcare.